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Learn Herbal peel at Anna Victoria. Participation course list.

Are you interested in introducing Herbal peel the most popular natural peeling in Japan in your salon / spa ?


~Please imagine

  • Isn’t it stressful to investment in plant and equipment with lots of money?

  • New menu of low cost initial investment for materials and products is not going to impose a burden on your management.

  • Ordering one product is acceptable at Herbal peel.

  • There is no quota.

  • Even though you are very confident to your technique and have been in this business for long, out dated services is not going to run a good business.

  • The popular service is what your clients want + you gain profit = you can share the pleasure.

  • Anna Victoria will not only teach you the Herbal peel techniques but also give you advices for running business for your salon/spa

There is no time to hesitate!


A: Herbal peel technique course

For the estheticians who have

certified for any natural peeling treatment.


•Hours:  Personal course : 4hours

               Group course : 12:30 ~ 17:00

•Course fees:  Personal course : ¥40,000

                         Group course : Free

•Course content:    
                 Basic technique of facial level 1 ~ 7

                 Herbal peel technique practical

      Care method



•Herbal peel “ level 7 “ can be experienced on yourself by ¥15,000


B: Herbal peel Basic course

For the estheticians who have facial technique

but beginner for herb peeling 


•Hours:  Personal course : 6hours

               Group course : 11:00 ~ 17:30

•Course fees:  Personal course : ¥60,000

                         Group course : ¥20,000  

•Course content:    
                 Theory of herbs

                 Trait of herb powder

                 Counseling method

                 Basic technique of facial level 1 ~ 7

                 Herbal peel technique practical

                 Care method



•Herbal peel level 7 can be experienced on yourself for free

C: Advanced facial course

For the estheticians who already have facial technique and want to verify practical technique as introducing Herbal peel


•Hours:  Personal course : 13:00 - 17:00


•Course fees:  Personal course : ¥30,000


•Course content:    
                 Basic technique of facial

                 Theory and truth of herbs

                 Counseling method

                 Basic technique

                 Care method



•Only for the esthetic salon / spa workers

Anna Victoria ハーバルピールのスクール紹介ページボトル

As general, personal course / group course will be held at Anna Victoria Yokosuka, but by the appointment situations it may be held at Anna Victoria Yokohama.




Herbal Peel is the FIRST Natural Peeling Method in JAPAN

Herbal peel is not only poplar as the first natural peeling method in Japan but also with extensive experience and practitioner case data. Herbal peel products are made with the knowledge of herb laboratory, guidance of medical personnel and of course many years of experience and track record by the people who love Herbal peel.

Herbal peel technique, products were made based on scientific basis. Also products are distributed in an appropriate price.


We are looking for Esthetic distributors

To stay ahead of the growing demand and interest from beauty industry  on global markets we are looking for distributors to represent this amazing 100% natural ingredients even with herbal medicine “ Herbal peel ” the most poplar natural peeling method in Japan.

If your company should be interested we would very much like to hear from you.


The applicants should have appropriate experience in the professional cosmetic business, having an already established distribution and training network.

Should you have interest, please send us your company profile. Thank you for your interest!



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