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about herbal peel treatment. 

what is the herbal peel treatment Q&A

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What is the Herbal Peel treatment?

The most popular natural peel treatment in Japan since 2009. Safe and a lot of effect 100% natural peeling method to get your true skin

What is Herbal peel?

  • It’s a new peeling treatment that is made by all natural plants

  • No chemical ingredients are used

  • Aiming to get skin turn over back to normal and skin regeneration,

  • Less skin trouble, allergy reactions compare to chemical peeling


What you can expect and effective for?

You can get rid of / less noticeable

  • Acne, acne scars

  • Scars

  • Wrinkles

  • Pigmentations

  • Darkened pores

  • Open pores


Face lifting up

  • Sagging

  • Tone up the skin


Improve skin

  • Right oil balance

  • Improve eczema

  • Whitening

  • Bright and clear up the skin

Why does epidermis peel off ?

  • Actually peeling off the epidermis is not the first purpose

  • Penetrating the herbs into the deep layer of skin and activating the cells are the main purpose

  • By activating skin cells and regenerating  skin, your old horny layer will be pushed up and peel off

  • It depends on the person how thick the horny layer is and how much skin will be peeling off

  • Even though you get a small amount of exfoliation it is still effective as deep cells get activate and regenerate 

Why is it so popular?

  • You only need to come to spa once ( you need to follow the after care at home after the treatment) e.g. Level 1= 24 hours home care, Level 7= 5days home care

  • You can expect high results by one treatment

  • It is over 10 times more effective than getting facials from esthetic spas

  • It is not for the short period of effect but improving from inside of the skin

  • Dermatologists, cosmetic clinics admit it is a very effective treatment

  • It is much cheaper than laser treatments and cosmetic clinics

  • Lots of people got beautiful skin that they don’t need to wear foundation for any age

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